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The smoking function is also brand new.
You can follow your subjects in the oven through the glass throughout the whole process. This way you are able to regulate the vents, the draught, the temperature and the amount of smoke so the subjects you have in the oven will be cooked exactly according to your taste.
The making of smoking subjects happen in the following processes, whether it is fish, sausages, ham, chicken etc. :

Salting - drying- smoking (possibly storing)

The MasterGrill Smoking Oven is perfectly evolved for this purpose.
The salting is done according to your taste. One has to feel one's way.
Then drying which is very important for the subject to be able to absorb the smoke.
You hang or lie your subjects in the oven and turn on the fan. If the weather is very moist or misty, you can add some heat (2-4C) more than the outdoor temperature from the heating module that you can regulate with the thermostat.
This way you will quickly have a dry subject for further processing.

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