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Grilled smoked trout with honey baked carrots

You will need:
2 smoked trouts
600 g of carrots
2 spoonfuls of butter
2 spoonfuls of honey
1 handful of fresh herbs
(basil, spearmint, thyme)
1 small glass of white wine

The trouts can be grilled either as whole fillets without skin or as cutlets with skin. The fillets are only to be grilled for a very limited amount of time, while the cutlets need to be cooked a bit more. Peel the carrots, cut across them and divide them into thin slices. Carefully melt the butter in a pot with the honey and add the white wine. When the mixture starts to boil the carrots are added, and the finely chopped herbs are sprinkled over the dish. Carefully stir the dish and let the carrots cook for a while until they are warm, but still al dente. Lemon slices are served alongside of the dish.

When you grill it is important to brush the subject with oil and not the grill.
A good Alsace-wine will suit this dish, mayby Pinot Gris or GewŘrtztraminer.

Source: 6 nemme opskrifter med fersk og r°get °rred, www.danskakvakultur.dk

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