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The Mastergrill Smoking Oven is a brand new patented oven for the outdoor kitchen. It is completely unique in its construction that hasn't been seen before, and it features a beautiful design in almost indestructible stainless steel. In addition you can purchase grates, hangs for fish and the like, that are of course also made from stainless steel and go in the dishwasher in order to obtain excellent hygiene.

The three new models

The three new basic models can be extended entirely according to your needs and wishes.
In common for all is that they have the same fine and patented ground principles.

The basic model (assemble-yourself)

...does not feature any extras as you fire entirely with wood, but naturally it can be extended according to your needs, and you can end up with a professional model.

The regular model

...is extended to smoking, and extra features for this are added.

The professional model

...has everything for cold smoking, warm smoking and grilling.

In common for all models is that we recommend placing them indoors, in order for you to have access to your hobby no matter how bad the weather is.
But consult your local chimney sweep regarding correct and legal vents from your hobby room.

Design by A. Iskov