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Before starting grilling, fill your grill starter with an appropriate amount of good quality briquettes, nothing less than 25000 kJ pr. kg, and start them.
Connect power. Control whether the fan is on. Put it on the lowest speed, no matter if you have the damper closed, as it will function as if it were the perfect hot air oven.
Place the grill gridiron in the shelf second from the bottom and the condense tray in the top shelf.
During winter it can be a good idea to place the condense tray further down in order to get a higher temperature inside the oven - just make sure that it is never placed lower than the third shelf.
Choose direct or indirect grilling.
Now tip the live briquettes into the grill module, place it in the bottom room and close the door.
Now take the grill gridiron and place your subject on it, push it into the shelf second from the bottom and close the door.
Now you can control the heat on the gridiron by regulating the lower and upper damper. Never close the upper one completely, as there has to be a way for smoke and condense to get out of the oven. If it becomes too hot inside the oven you just place the gridiron on the next shelf.
During the whole process you can watch your grilling through the glass door and you can watch the temperature on the display in the control box.
If you want to add extra briquettes you just pull out the module and let it hang on a slant, to then push it back in (make sure to use gloves!)
Mastergrill can of course also be used as a regular grill - to do that, you just open up the glass door. This is of course only an option if your oven is placed outside.
Never grill in a closed room without vents. When installing in a closed space you must always consult your local chimney sweep regarding correct vents and installation.

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