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Price list for spare parts and accessories

Text Price excl. taxes Pris incl. taxes
door with glass for smoking kr. 385,00 kr. 481,25
door with hardened glass for smoking and grilling kr. 625,00 kr. 781,25
heating module with 2000 W
tube for warm smoking
kr. 715,00 kr. 893,75
Heating module with 2300 W
tube for warm smoking
kr.1.076,25 kr. 1.345,31
labyrinth module for cold smoking kr. 192,50 kr. 240,62
grill-module (only for door with hardened glass) kr. 413,75 kr. 517,18
condense module kr. 125,00 kr. 156,25
grate module kr. 275,00 kr. 343,75
gallow module kr. 225,00 kr. 281,25
control box w/o fan and regulator kr. 2.632,00 kr. 3.290,00
control box - extra charge for fan and regulator kr. 439,00 kr. 548,75
Assembling of oven kr. 2.275,00 kr. 2.843,75

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