udskriv siden

Cold smoking

Cold smoking usually takes place with the duration of 12-16 hours for fish, up to 5-6 days or more for sausages and hams. Cold smoking is used for trout/salmon larger than portion size and for hams, sausages and haunches of venison and for example cheese.
You now fill the labyrinth tray with smoking sawdust that is ignited with spirits outside of the oven in the "path" that is turned away from the door. When the spirits have burned and the smoking has begun you place the tray in the oven and with the fan you add the amount of air that is only just exactly necessary to keep the smoking going. This way the smoke passage can be almost closed and the oven can take care of itself for the next 20 hours.
A lot of literature on the subject has been published, which can profitably be studied before starting. Always remember to write down what you're doing - everything from the composition of the salting to the time of the different processes. Then you will discover that this is a much more exciting hobby than just barbequing.

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