udskriv siden

Cold smoking

After drying your subjects that are placed on the next to top shelf (here you can successfully place the condense tray on the top shelf). Your labyrinth tray is filled with smoking sawdust. The sawdust is ignited with a small amount of spirits in one end outside of the oven.
When the spirits are burned away and the smoking itself has begun you push the tray into the lowest oven compartment with the ignited sawdust facing towards the fan. The fan damper is to be half open.
The fan is set to the lowest revs and the upper damper is closed almost entirely - a small amount of smoke has to be able to pass, though.
Now the smoke development will happen within the duration of the next 20 hours or more, depending on the nature of the sawdust.
In this process you can also add seasoning to the smoke by putting it on top of the sawdust, especially juniper has a very pleasant smell and taste.

Design by A. Iskov